Adolfo A Romero-Angeles, Founding Member of AI Mexico & Director of Tecporio Innova Enterprises.
Adolfo A Romero-Angeles, Founding Member of AI Mexico & Director of Tecporio Innova Enterprises.
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What people are saying?

Co-Lead Partner

I’ve had the opportunity to co-lead with Adolfo during the summer 2020 Hackmaker Hackathon. Adolfo is not only a subject matter expert in tech, but also an entrepreneur who makes himself available to help other achieve their goals in the world of Artificial Intelligence. It was an honor to co-lead by his side during the Hackathon and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Greg Coquillo

Amazon Private Brands Program Manager

Critical Asset

I worked with Adolfo on the COVID-19 Data Challenge hosted by the Border Solutions Alliance at UC San Diego. The goal of the project was to create an idea and prototype for measuring the risk of contracting COVID-19 in work environments in border communities. Immediately, he had a novel idea to relate the risk of COVID-19 with environmental factors like air pollution, and, given the fires throughout the Southwest U.S. and northern Mexico, first responders became a focus. He was not only an enthusiastic member who promoted camaraderie, but also a valuable technical asset due to his knowledge of systems architecture. Throughout the project, there was significant shift in the focus of the project and in membership, and Adolfo was a reliable, proactive, and jovial member throughout. He was a critical asset in making us an award-winning team in this competition! I highly recommend him for independent and team-based technical projects with tight deadlines. He will make a great addition and an invaluable resource!

Celina Velazquez

Sr. Commercial Analyst

Impact Leader

Adolfo is a very committed professional to the goals that he is passionate about, he is a faithful believer that scientific entrepreneurship is one of the tools that will lead us to be a better country and a generation with more impact.

Mariana Achirica


A Person Who Can Get Things Done

Adolfo is a highly motivated person who will always look for ways to both improve his work and get it done. He is not OK with how things are and is not afraid to look for different solutions and go through different experiences.

Tuto Assad

Co-founder & CEO at Vitau

Professional Development

Adolfo is an expert in business development and innovation

Guillermo Castañeda

Director|Bordexo Company

Passionate and curious

Adolfo is a very passionate and curious person that will undoubtedly go far with his research in disrupting markets. Keep the good work.

Mario Silverio

CEO Prime Web Mexico I Professor

Efficiency and Collaboration

Working with Adolfo during #BuildWithAI hackathon in the team of Lead Mentors, I was much amazed not only by his industrial skill-set, but also by the way he efficiently helped the young developers in “remote” environment both for their technical and non-technical queries. His quick adaptation to the new normal without compromising on quality is a highly commendable

Gagandeep Rehal

Author, AI Engineer, Founder & CEO, Minus Zero

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